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icanbecruel's Journal

16 September 1986
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aerosmith, alanis morissette, animal rights, animals, art, backstreet boys, being held, billy joel, birthdays, body sprays, bon jovi, boston, boy meets world, broadway, candles, car rides, chocolate, classic rock, claudio sanchez, clean rooms, clouds, co & ca, coheed, coheed & cambria, coheed and cambria, cold, comfy pajamas/clothes, comfy sheets/comforters, concerts, dave matthews, disney, disney movies, dreaming, driving, eric clapton, eurythmics, evanescence, excitement, family guy, fantasy, fire, flowers, foo fighters, food, four seasons, friends, games, george harrison, going to the city, going to the movies, good dreams, good hair days, green day, guitar, hanson, holidays, horror movies, hot chocolate, hot showers/baths, hugging, ice cream, ice skating, incubus, intimacy, italian food, italian ices, italy, jamiroquai, jay leno, jazz, jewlery, john lennon, john mayer, journals, kelly clarkson, kissing, laughing, letter recieving, letter writing, listening to music loudly, long hair, lost, louie armstrong, love, maggie, make up, maroon 5, michael jackson, money, moo, music, musicals, my birthday, mystery, nature, new found glory, no school, observing, old school video games, parks, paul mccartney, paychecks, peacefulness, photography, pictures, pillows, poetry, porn, queen, rain, rainbows, red hot chilli peppers, relating, relaxing, ringo starr, romance, roseanne, sarah mclachlan, saying i love you, scamp, scented candles, seinfeld, sex, singing, sleeping, sleeping late, snow, stars, sugarcult, sunsets, survivor, swimming, switchfoot, taking pictures, television, the 80s, the all-american rejects, the beatles, the internet, the moon, the offspring, the simpsons, theatre, thunderstorms, understanding, vacations, wanting, weird al yankovic, wine coolers, wizard of oz