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Coheed and Cambria Concert

HEY!!! I know it has been a long time since I have written but now I actually have something worth reading. As some of you already know, I had tickets to go see Coheed and Cambria at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. Anthony said he would be at my house around 9-9:30 and he didn’t show up until 10:15 so we had to take the 11:11 train. He hasn’t been to the City that many times so he really didn’t know his way around, but I have so when we got to Penn I knew where I was going. The first place we wanted to go was Rockefeller Center to see the famous Tree. On our way there we found the Roseland Ballroom and already saw that there were people waiting by the doors. This is where I started to get worried. Since the show was General Admission, there was no assigned seats, so basically you get there first and you get the front row. Of course I wanted to get the front so we kinda rushed to the Tree from there, took a picture and then headed to get something to eat. We found this little pizza place right across the street from the Ballroom and it was horrible dirty and disgusting. Claudio was doing an autograph signing right before the show and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go because I wanted to get in the front at the concert. So Anthony and I stood out there from 2:00 to 6:45 when the doors opened. We were talking to the people around us since we were there for so long and found out that this one girl was from Connecticut and another from Jersey they were really nice. They told us they had been to concerts like this before and it is basically every person for themselves. We had these other people behind us that just kept singing Coheed songs non stop. It was cool because they were good tunes but not when they are screaming it in your ear when you’re trying to talk to other people you know what I mean? Oh yeah and it also sucked because so many people were smoking and since it was kinda windy all the second hand smoke kinda went right in my face and since we were barricaded I couldn’t go anywhere else to get away from it.

So it was finally 6:45 and I handed the people at the door our tickets and fucking ran to the front. We didn’t get the front row but we got second which is still pretty fucking awesome. So as we were waiting for the opening act to come on we were fine, I could move at least. Then The Fall of Troy came on and the lead singer waved everyone to come forward and then the pushing started. The first initial push wasn’t that bad, kinda fun actually but then it got worse. People were pushing from side to side and back and fourth because they wanted to get to the front. When Fall Of Troy were done, Clutch came on and it started to get a billion degrees in there. Anthony was wearing a heavy jacket and I was wearing my hoodie and everyone was so close together we were sweating our asses off plus it was so hard to breathe I was gasping for air. I felt like I was going to pass out and so did Anthony. There were a couple of people that were crowd surfing and I had my hands down at my sides but when I needed to lift them up to pass the crowd surfers to the front I couldn’t! I tried so fucking hard to move them up it was insane and once I did I couldn’t get them back down that’s how close together everyone was. The only good thing about that was I could lean on the people in front of me. As Clutch was ending their set this ASSHOLE to the left side of me put his elbow right in my fucking neck because he was trying to get me out of the way and Anthony told me he felt like saying get your hands off my fucking girlfriend but then he’s like "You’re squishing her stop it let her go!" and he was just like fuck it let him have your spot because he isn’t going to give up. So I had the perfect spot, I could see the stage because the people in front of me were shorter, and now I had this guys head right in my face and I’m like great I can’t see a thing. When Coheed finally came on, the pushing got 10 billion times worse. Everyone was pushing SO hard from side to side I literally was grasping onto the people in front of me I clutched their arms and held on tight just because if I didn’t, I would have fallen down to the ground and got completely trampled on and its not like anyone would have cared because that’s just one more spot ahead they could get. I heard Anthony screaming at me "ANGELA I CAN’T TAKE THIS I’M GETTING OUTTA HERE ANGELA LET’S GO I’M LEAVING!!" I was like NOOOOOOOOO I don’t want to fucking leave yet. I was so close to Claudio we waiting almost 5 hours outside in the freezing cold just to get this close. Then I said okay lets get out of here because I was scared for my life. I couldn’t even enjoy the show because I was worried about just surviving this craziness. So we turned around as best as we could and Anthony started pushing people out of the way so we can get through. We were afraid that once we were up there in this mess we couldn’t get out you know what I mean. So I started screaming "LET ME OUT!!! LET ME OUT!!!" and he said it was easier to get through the crowd then and it seemed like it was never ending. Once we were out we basically ran to the back to get a cup of water. I couldn’t even hold it I was shaking so badly. Then after I got over the shock of it all I had to take a piss so we went downstairs and Anthony had to go to. I just felt like crying I was so disappointed and upset. We went back upstairs and ended up all the way in the back of the Ballroom. If I would have known we were going to be there for the show I would have went to the fucking autograph signing. That way I could have actually met Claudio and at least took a picture with him you know what I mean? Now I know, it was definitely an experience and I don’t think I will ever do it again. I would like to see them again but just not in a standing room. A venue that actually has seats like Madison Square Garden (which they are coming to in February, hint hint Anthony lol.) Yeah so it was insane. Infuckingsane.

I wanted to get a T-shirt but they only had one in my size and I didn’t like it that much. At this point I’m exhausted and disappointed and I was just like you know what lets just go. I wanted to leave. My favorite band ever and I’m walking out while they are still on stage. As we were leaving we ran into the girl from Connecticut and she said she got pushed up against the Barricade in the front row and her ribs almost got broken so she had to get outta there too. When we got out of the Ballroom I guess a Broadway show had just let out as well so it seemed like the people on the street was worse than the people inside the Ballroom so I’m just like ahhh I can’t take this!!! Anthony is like alright we’re gonna walk to Penn station and I’m like fuck no. I could barely walk and my feet hurt so bad I was in such pain. We’re taking a fucking cab. The entire time we were in the City though we were looking for Cash Cab lol. I was like Ben Bailey? We saw a Horse and Buggy go by and we both really wanted to go on but he said he was off duty. Another bummer. I was about to just sit down right there on the street and yes I was whining to Anthony and being a big baby. So we finally got a cab and the first thing he says is that he needed to stop and get something to eat real quick so we were like okay whatever we just needed to sit down. Anyway it costs us like 6 bucks to go around the fucking block plus he left the meter running while he got something to eat but I guess that’s NYC for you. As we were stopped to pay the driver this bum opened up my door and he’s like "Do you have a dollar I need to get a dollar" I guess he saw that I had just paid the driver so he saw that I had money but Anthony grabbed it out of my hands and just said lets go. So we got dropped off right in front of Madison Square garden and we were like what the fuck this isn’t Penn so we asked these people who were making out profusely and they are like that is it just go downstairs. We felt so stupid lol but after what we went through neither of us was thinking straight. We looked up at the train schedule and it said there was one leaving at 11:16... it was 11:15 at the time. So we ran down the stairs and we caught it and we weren’t going backwards this time yay! We got back to my house and we said our goodbyes and that was it. I passed out in bed the only thing I felt bad about was Anthony had to wake up early for work and I didn’t. So he went in first and basically told the entire shelter lol. So when I came in they were all like oh seems like you had an exciting day yesterday! I was like yeah it was insane. Then after work we went to the Sunrise Mall because I had realized I lost my watch when we were getting pushed around in the Ballroom so I’m like I cannot live without my watch! So he’s like alright good while we are here I wanted to take you shopping for your Christmas present. He said he wanted to get me a bracelet so we went around to all the different Jewelers to get different prices and everything. We went to Kay and I saw one that was absolutely gorgeous but it was like $1500 lol and my jaw dropped to the floor on that one and we were like okay yeah we’re gonna keep looking lol. So we finally found one we both liked it is beautiful 10K diamond white gold and sapphire for my birth stone. I’m really happy with it. I love my boyfriend :) Tonight we are going to Dave and Busters which should be fun! I’m gonna go get ready now so I’ll talk to you soon. Until then my dears. 

This is where I was before the madness started. You can see how close.

This is where we ended up... all the way in the back.
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