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A night out with Anthony

Hello everyone! Long time no write huh? Work is going great, although there is some drama between Frank, Tom, Anthony and I. Frank and I used to be cool, because he’s the one that trained me in the beginning but now he is pissed off that I’m around Anthony all the time. He used to be pissed off at Tom but now that Anthony and I are close they are close so it’s two against two. Ed doesn’t care though because he’s like totally lax. Thank God Frank isn’t there the entire day!!! Anyway... that was sorta pointless, I want to tell you about the amazing time I had with Anthony yesterday.

Well, the first thing I did yesterday was take my car to the mechanic because I wanted him to check it out. I was driving home the other day and my check engine light went on and it’s been shaking and feels like it’s going to stall while I’m sitting at a traffic light or something and it’s been stressing me out. The mechanic said I needed spark plugs which is a tune up I guess, that’s going to cost me another $200. I said, maybe next paycheck... as long as I’m not going to die driving it until then. Then I went home and checked the mail since I’ve been waiting for a package I ordered on amazon, and it finally came!!! I squealed like a little girl and ran inside. Anthony came over my house last Saturday for dinner and stuff and we went to the movie rental stores and asked if they had “Deadly Friend” and they said no they don’t have it. He was telling me about the movie a couple weeks ago and how he saw it in theaters with his ex girlfriend and how he wanted me to see it and everything. So when the stores didn’t have it, we basically just said oh well, sucks for us, and went on. Little did he know I was going to get it for him! So I wrapped it and put it in a little gift bag thing and I went to the Shelter, and when I got there he was in the middle of lunch so as soon as he was done I pulled him aside and said I have a gift for you and he was so surprised it was great. He loved it and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and I was extremely happy :)

When he got off work I followed him back to his house and we put on “Deadly Friend” and we laughed at how silly it was. He took a shower after that and we headed out to dinner. He took me to a place called “Boulder Creek” which is a steakhouse. I told him that I have a phobia of booths, and that we had to get a table. They only had a half booth half table available though, so I sat on the chair. I couldn’t tell him why though. I had a Mud Slide to drink which was absolutely delish and he had I think an appletini? Anyway, we were both tipsy by the end of the meal lol. We had good conversation too, which is what I was a little nervous about in the beginning. I asked him “So, are we official now?” and he said that we are just “seeing” each other, and that he wanted to take it slow and I said okay, I’m sorry for being pushy I just wanted to know where we stand. After that we went to Farmingdale Multiplex to see Spiderman 3, but we got there around 8:30 and it said the next showing was at 10:00 and we didn’t want to wait so we went to UA Farmingdale I believe and they didn’t even have Spiderman showing and the next thing we wanted to see was Disturbia and that was at 10:30. So we went back to the first theater and got tickets to the 10:00 showing of Spiderman and of course there was a huge ass line to get into the auditorium, and this guy behind us was all “I feel like we’re at an amusement park ride!” because they kept letting people in a little at a time, and then he’s all “I guess we’ll make the next one!” I don’t know but I found that funny, because I felt that way too. Anthony likes sitting in the front, and I said I like sitting in the back and I was kind of upset about that, I wish we had that in common but we sat like 4 or 5 rows from the front I said it was okay. The movie was really good and we got back to his house around 1:00 in the morning, I gave him a big hug and kiss and thanked him for everything and that was it! I had an amazing time, I think I’m in love with him. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow. Until then my dears!
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